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At Aengus Oates Financial Services, we help people to achieve their financial goals, whatever they might be. To achieve this, we follow a very structured financial planning model as snhown in the diagram. To briefly look at each of the steps in turn

Current situation & objectives: 

We start by gaining a full and complete understanding of your current financial position. We want to understand your current assets & liabilities, your income and a range of other relevant information. We also seek to understand exactly what it is that you want to achieve in your financial future.

Your Attitude to Risk:

We seek to understand your attitude to risk and also your threshold to withstand risk so that we can ensure we identify solutions that are appropriate for you.

We make Financial Recommendations:

We suggest to you how you might proceed to achieve your financial objectives in line with your current financial situation and your appetite for risk.

We Research & Negotiate with Product Providers:

Once you decide to proceed and if a financial product is required, we research the market to identify the best product to meet your needs and then ensure that you receive the best terms possible.

We Implement the Solutions:

We then explain the full process to get the financial product in place and help you complete the paperwork and all other parts of the process.

We Schedule Reviews:

We then agree a review schedule with you. This is critically important to ensure that the solution put in place remains appropriate as your circumstances change.