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Wealth Growth

For some of us, one of our main financial goals may be to ensure that our income is being managed and used to get the most benefit from it. For others, it may be about managing an investment portfolio to maximise returns. For all of us, we want to ensure that our money is working as hard for us as possible.

At Aengus Oates Financial Services we work with our clients to achieve just that – getting your money working harder for you. Once we get a full understanding of your current situation, we can help you to devise a plan to achieve your own financial growth objectives. These might include;

  • Saving for a rainy day
  • Planning for future expenses, for example university fees for your children.
  • Managing your savings and maximising the potential returns from them.
  • Putting in place a diversified investment portfolio  to optimise your assets
  • De-risking your investment portfolio to protect against future investment shocks.

At Aengus Oates Financial Services we have a lot of experience in helping our clients to identify your financial growth destination and then devising bespoke solutions to help you achieve them.

Your appetite for risk is a key component to devising the best solution for you. Some people will settle for lower potential returns from their investments while knowing that their capital is protected from falling. Others are happy to accept a level of risk to their initial capital with the aim of achieving higher returns. We realise that no two individuals are the same – so we devise a solution that is right for you.

We have access to the products of a wide range of life assurance companies and banks which enables us to take a rigorous approach to product selection to ensure that any solution meets your specific requirement and is appropriate for your own appetite to risk.

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